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California Penal Codes 647(a), 647(b), 266(h), and 261(i)

Sexual-AssaultIn another crime story out of New York City, undercover female subway cops are being assigned this summer to fight a rise in sex crimes on the New York subways. For the most part, the subway cops aren’t fighting rapists and violent criminals. Groping and public lewdness are the predominant subway sex crimes in New York. In southern California, crimes like groping, solicitation, and lewd conduct – while not necessarily violent – are still nevertheless prosecuted aggressively. If you are charged with a sex crime under California Penal Codes 647(a), 647(b), 266(h), or 261(i), contact an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer at once for the legal help you will very much need.

Obviously, public lewdness isn’t homicide, but it’s generally thought of as humiliating and shameful, and it’s a crime you don’t want to be charged with or convicted of. An arrest for a sex crime, of course, does not mean that you’ll be convicted, but it does mean that you’ll need to fight the charge with help from an experienced California defense lawyer. You may have been wrongly identified, or the incident could have been just a big mistake or misunderstanding. Alternately, you may be the victim of a false accusation. If you’re charged with public lewdness or any other sex crime in Orange County, let a good criminal defense lawyer find out what really happened and advocate for justice on your behalf.

When a criminal charge involves a crime of a sexual nature – whether it’s a violent rape or someone exposing himself or herself on a subway – your defense lawyer’s experience and training can mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. If you are accused of public lewdness or any other crime of a sexual nature in Orange County or elsewhere in southern California, don’t wait. Get help at once. Arrange immediately speak about your case with an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer.

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