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California Penal Code 211

Orange County criminal defense attorneyIn 2012, more than 56,000 robberies were committed in California. If you’re arrested and charged with robbery in Orange County, you’ll need to get legal help immediately and speak to an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney. California Penal Code 211 defines robbery as the “taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear.”

In California, every robbery is a felony. A robbery in the first degree is a robbery committed either inside an inhabited structure, on a public transportation vehicle (a bus, taxi, streetcar, subway, or cable car), or the robbery of anyone who has just used an ATM and is still in its vicinity. In California, robbery in the first degree is punishable by three to nine years in state prison. However, if a firearm is used in the commission of the robbery, a suspect may face ten or more years in prison. Second-degree robbery in California is punishable by a prison term of two, three, or five years, depending on the circumstances of the crime and the defendant’s criminal history.

If you’re accused of robbery, but you genuinely believed that you owned or had a legal right to whatever was taken; if someone else committed the robbery and you were misidentified; or if the robbery story is a complete fabrication, a good defense lawyer can ensure that your defense is clearly presented and fully understood. A prosecutor cannot convict you of any crime unless your guilt can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. If you’re charged with robbery in Orange County, do not act as your own attorney. The crime and the potential consequences are too serious. Instead, take your case to an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.