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California Vehicle Codes 23152(a) and 23152(b)

Orange County DUI lawyerIf you’ve watched automobile safety technology advance over the last few years, it comes as no surprise. The U.S. Congress is now looking at legislation that would require automakers to install an ignition interlock device (IID) on every new car, bus, and truck. New York Representative Kathleen Rice is the sponsor of the legislation. An ignition interlock device works very much like a breathalyzer. A driver blows into the device, which measures the drivers’ blood alcohol content (BAC) level. If you’re over the legal limit, you won’t be able to start your car. Installation of an IID may be required by a California judge as one punishment for a DUI conviction; in Alameda, Tulare, Sacramento, and Los Angeles County, IID installation is mandatory upon a DUI conviction. You should contact an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer immediately if you’re accused of DUI in Orange County.

Back in 2011, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that IIDs are significantly more effective than driver’s license suspensions when it comes to keeping convicted DUI offenders from getting behind the wheel. The CDC, the National Transportation Safety Board, and AAA have long recommended the mandatory use of IIDs for all DUI offenders. In a July 14 press release, Congresswoman Rice cited a University of Michigan study that says after the first fifteen years, IIDs in every car would lower the number of alcohol-related traffic deaths by 85 percent and reduce injuries by approximately the same figure.

Hire An Orange County DUI Lawyer

Representative Rice was formerly the District Attorney of Nassau County, New York. While the congresswoman’s IID proposal may or may not be approved this year by Congress, eventually “blowing” to start your car will probably become as routine as buckling your seat belt. Right now, however, if you’re charged with driving under the influence under California Vehicle Codes 23152(a) and 23152(b) in Orange County, make the call immediately to an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer.

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