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California Penal Code 503

Orange County criminal defense attorneyEmbezzlers commit theft, but they do it surreptitiously and without violence, hoping to avoid detection. Sometimes they succeed, and their embezzlement crime isn’t detected for months or even years. Almost anyone can be a victim, although banks and charitable institutions are the leading targets of embezzlers. In California, depending on the value and the type of property or assets that are taken, embezzlement may be prosecuted either as grand theft or as petty theft. In Orange County, if you are charged with embezzlement by either state or federal law enforcement, obtain legal help at once and contact an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney.

In August, a Newport Beach doctor accused of embezzling $220,000 from a hospital charity fund was sentenced to a year in jail. Prosecutors said Bruce Allan Hagadorn, 56, has paid his full restitution of $103,865 to the State of California Franchise Tax Board and $250,000 to the medical staff of Irvine Regional Hospital. In 2009, Hagadorn was chief of staff at Irvine Regional and served on the board of the hospital’s charity committee. Before Irvine Regional closed that year, the medical staff voted to donate their residual charity funds to the Hoag Hospital Foundation and asked Hagadorn to coordinate the transfer of funds. Prosecutors, however, said Hagadorn instead wrote checks to himself from the account, paid himself in cash, and deposited the funds into his personal medical practice, Canyon Pacific OB/GYN, in Irvine.

If you’re accused of embezzlement in Orange County, you might have made an honest mistake. It’s also possible that you’ve been “framed” or that the allegation against you is entirely false and no embezzlement actually occurred. Anyone can make a mistake – it doesn’t make you a criminal. Still, if you’re convicted of embezzlement in southern California, jail or prison time is one of the probable punishments you’ll face. If you’re charged with embezzlement under California Penal Code 503, arrange immediately to discuss your case with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney.

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