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Orange County DUI lawyerCalifornia Vehicle Code 21200.5

31-year-old construction worker Matthew Riedel says that he would never drive a car while intoxicated, but he frequently rides a bicycle home – for six miles – after a night of drinking at the popular bars on Williamson Street in Madison, Wisconsin. Riedel told the Capital Times that he makes the ride “at least twice a week.” He’s able to do it because Wisconsin has no prohibition on bicycling while intoxicated. California, on the other hand, explicitly forbids cycling under the influence or “CUI.” Discuss your rights and options at once with an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer if you are charged with cycling under the influence in Orange County or anywhere else in southern California.

If you are convicted of CUI in California under California Vehicle Code 21200.5, you will not be sent to jail. However, you can be fined up to $250, you’ll establish a criminal record, and you’ll have a misdemeanor conviction on that record. If you are under 21, your driver’s license could also be suspended for a year. This year, if you observe the holidays with alcohol and friends, don’t ride the bicycle. Leave it at home. Instead, arrange to ride with a designated driver or call a cab, a limousine, or a ride-sharing service.

When your blood alcohol content (BAC) level reaches or exceeds 0.08 percent, you may not legally operate a bicycle, a boat, or any motor vehicle in the state of California. Even without a BAC measurement, if a law enforcement officer reasonably believes that you are too intoxicated to operate a bicycle, boat, or motor vehicle, you can be arrested and charged with BUI (boating under the influence), CUI, or DUI. If you are charged with any of these crimes over the holidays or in the new year, don’t plead guilty, and don’t fight the charge by yourself. Instead, contact an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer immediately.

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