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California Vehicle Code 23513, California Penal Codes 191.5 and 187(a)

Orange County DUI defense attorneyIn a worst-case scenario, if you are driving in California while you are intoxicated, you cause an accident, and someone is killed or injured, you’ll be probably charged with a felony DUI under California Vehicle Code 23513, “DUI with Injury.” If you’re convicted of DUI with injury, you could be sentenced to as much as five years in a California prison depending on your prior DUI and “wet reckless” convictions, if any. If you’re accused of DUI with Injury in Orange County, fight the charge with the help of an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.

While DUI with Injury is almost always the charge when an intoxicated driver in California causes an accident with injuries, if you cause an accident that results in one or more fatalities, you could be prosecuted for DUI vehicular manslaughter under California Penal Code 191.5 or even for DUI second-degree murder (known as a “Watson” murder) under California Penal Code 187(a).

Most DUI charges in California are misdemeanors, and even a first-offense misdemeanor DUI can land you in jail for up to a year. But when you’re intoxicated behind the wheel, anything can happen, and you have little or no control. Any time that you drive under the influence, it’s a drive that could end with a DUI second-degree murder charge. If you are planning to drink, take a taxi, a limo, a bus, a ride service, or have a designated driver. Get a room or stay over at a friend’s if you have to. The few dollars you save by refusing a taxi or getting a room for the night are nothing compared to the cost of a DUI with Injury. If you’re charged with DUI in Orange County – whether it’s a first-offense misdemeanor or a DUI vehicular manslaughter – or anything “in-between” – get the legal representation you need by consulting an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney immediately.

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