Posted on: January 23, 2015 by in Criminal Defense
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Orange County criminal defense lawyerProposition 47, a measure that reclassifies certain low-level, non-violent felonies as misdemeanors in California, was approved by the state’s voters in November. Proposition 47 now makes it possible for scores of non-violent offenders to be resentenced and in some instances released from the state’s overly-congested prison system. While the measure helps thousands of people who’ve been already been convicted of a crime, if you’re accused of DUI, a drug or sex crime, or a fraud or robbery in southern California, you still need to contact an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer immediately for the legal representation that you are still very much going to need.

Historically, California’s prison system has been one of the most crowded and costly anywhere in the nation. Non-violent property felonies such as shoplifting, theft, and check fraud under $950, as well as illicit personal drug use, will now be misdemeanors under Proposition 47, and with retroactive application of the measure, thousands of inmates may now be eligible for early release. Proposition 47 requires a thorough review of an offender’s criminal history before re-sentencing, to ensure that the individual does not pose a risk to the public. The measure will save California an estimated $150 million that can be used for financing truancy and dropout prevention, victim services, mental health and drug abuse treatment, and other alternatives to imprisonment.

However, Proposition 47 will impact only about 30 percent of the prison inmates in California. According to the Department of Corrections, as of 2013, 70 percent of the California prison population was serving a sentence for a violent offense. Nevertheless, the passage of Proposition 47 is good news for anyone convicted of a non-violent crime or facing a charge for one. If you’re accused of any non-violent drug crime, sex crime, theft or robbery, or if you’re charged with DUI in southern California, get trustworthy legal help at once and call an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer immediately.