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California Vehicle Codes 23152(a) and 23152(b)

Orange County criminal defense lawyerIn the state of California, like every other state, most crimes are either felonies or misdemeanors. However, in California, a third group of crimes may be prosecuted either as felonies or as misdemeanors. The crimes that can be charged either as felonies or misdemeanors are called “wobblers.” The way the case is prosecuted depends on the details of the alleged crime and the defendant’s previous criminal history. In Orange County, if you’re charged with any crime that’s a wobbler, contact an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. A variety of crimes are considered wobblers in California.

If you’re charged with DUI in California, in most cases the law spells out whether the charge will be a misdemeanor or a felony. A DUI case may be charged as a felony rather than a misdemeanor for a number of reasons, including previous DUI convictions and whether you caused injuries or deaths. Intoxicated driving that causes an injury or a fatality will almost certainly be charged as a felony. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor DUI or a felony under California Vehicle Codes 23152(a) and 23152(b), and whether it’s your first offense or one of several, it’s imperative to have quality legal representation from a good Orange County DUI defense attorney.

Hire an Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

A suspect with no priors may be charged with a misdemeanor while another suspect – with previous convictions – may be charged with a felony for the exact same crime. Whether the charge against you is a felony or a misdemeanor, you must have skilled, trustworthy, and aggressive legal representation if you are charged with any crime in Orange County. If the charge is DUI or any other “wobbler,” let an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer handle your defense, protect your rights, and bring your case to its best possible conclusion. If you are charged with a crime in Orange County, now or in the future, it’s imperative to make the call to a good Orange County criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

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