FIRST-OFFENSE DUI: Vehicle Codes 23152(a) and 23152(b)

Posted on: December 19, 2014 by in DUI
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Orange County DUI defense attorneyDUI is prosecuted as a serious crime in California, and those who are convicted cannot expect any leniency from the courts. If you’re charged with DUI in southern California, you’re going to need experienced and effective legal help immediately. Take your case at once to an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney if you’re accused of driving under the influence. Even for a misdemeanor first-time DUI conviction with no property damage or injuries, the penalties can include:

– three to five years of probation and up to six months in jail
– a driver’s license suspension for six months
– several thousand dollars in fines, fees, and other penalties
– completion of an alcohol education course

Sometimes a first-offense DUI charge can be reduced or entirely dismissed. A good DUI attorney may also be able to negotiate a satisfactory plea bargain: house arrest or probation, for example. Should your case go to trial, DUI test results can be challenged; prosecution witnesses can sometimes be discredited; and your own witnesses, including experts, can be called to testify on your behalf. DUI cases are sometimes also thrown out on constitutional grounds. However, a dismissal or a reduction of charges isn’t always possible. Sometimes the evidence is overwhelmingly against a defendant. You want an attorney who will candidly evaluate your case, tell you the bad news as well as the good, and provide frank advice.

With each subsequent DUI conviction in California, offenders face increasingly severe penalties; while it’s important to avoid a first conviction, it’s even more important to avoid a second or subsequent DUI conviction. While no guarantee can ever be made regarding the result of any particular case, if you are arrested for DUI in Orange County or elsewhere in southern California, your best hope for justice is to take your case immediately to an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.