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California Penal Codes 548, 549, 550, and 551

Orange County criminal defense attorneyThe legal definition of auto insurance fraud is any act committed with the intention of fraudulently obtaining money from an auto insurance company. Even if you’ve simply made an honest mistake, inaccurate or incorrect legal, medical, or insurance forms may be considered evidence of an attempt to defraud. Insurance fraud cases are aggressively pursued because insurers want to avoid paying claims whenever possible. If you’re accused of auto insurance fraud in Orange County, you’ll need to get legal help at once and speak with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney.

The Insurance Research Council believes that about 40% of all auto theft claims are fraudulent, and the group also believes that fraudulent claims comprise about 40% of all auto-related medical claims. Because auto insurance fraud laws are so technical and complicated, and a number of different actions are considered auto insurance fraud under California Penal Codes 548, 549, 550, and 551, it is imperative to be represented by an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney if you’re accused of the crime.

If you are being investigated or interrogated for insurance fraud, do not answer questions from any police or insurance investigators until you first have the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Penalties for auto insurance fraud in California are harsh and can include fines and prison terms. If you are innocent – if you made an honest mistake or if you were falsely accused – or if the circumstances warrant a dismissal or reduction of your charges, an experienced defense attorney can present and explain those circumstances to the court.

Claim forms are complicated; honest mistakes are easy to make. If you are suspected of auto insurance fraud in southern California, let an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney evaluate your circumstances, develop a defense strategy, and fight for the best possible resolution to your case. Don’t hesitate to make the call.