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Orange County criminal defense lawyerIf you are charged with a serious felony – or even with a less serious misdemeanor – one of your concerns will be what to say and what not to say. When it comes to consulting with your own defense attorney, however, the answer to that dilemma is easy. You must be entirely candid and honest with your attorney. That’s the only way you can be properly and effectively represented in a criminal proceeding. If you give your attorney any inaccurate information, or if you withhold information, your defense may be at risk if the truth is disclosed later and unexpectedly. If you’re charged with a theft or a robbery, a sex crime or a drug crime, or with DUI in southern California, contact a trustworthy and experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible.

When you are a criminal defendant, your consultations with your lawyer are protected by attorney-client privilege, one of the most basic foundational principles of our entire legal system. What you tell your attorney is more privileged and protected than anything else you say to anyone under the law. Don’t withhold anything. Tell it all candidly and frankly. You do not want your defense attorney to be in the dark about anything pertinent to your case.

The best defense attorneys often can craft a defense that turns the negatives in your story into positives. Let’s say that you broke into a convenience store to steal beer because you are addicted to alcohol. That’s a negative. But the case looks much different if you’re a combat veteran who’s been trying to obtain alcohol treatment through the Veterans Administration and that treatment has been delayed by bureaucratic inefficiency and red tape. While no guarantee of an outcome can ever be promised in any particular criminal case, those are the kinds of facts that can make the difference between jail time and probation. If you face any criminal charge for a theft, a robbery, a sex or drug crime or DUI, speak at once – honestly – with an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer.

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