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Orange County DUI lawyerCalifornia Harbors and Navigation Code 655

It may not be spring or summer, but that doesn’t matter in southern California, where the weather – usually – is great every month of the year, and we often enjoy outdoor recreations even in the middle of winter. However, if your idea of delightful recreation is fun on the water, you need to know that “BUI” – boating under the influence – is a crime in California. Comparable to driving under the influence, BUI can be the charge if you are operating a boat and your blood alcohol content (BAC) level exceeds the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Even if you don’t exceed that limit, you can still be charged with boating under the influence if a law enforcement officer believes that you are too impaired to continue to operate the craft safely. If you face a BUI charge in southern California, contest it, and speak right away about your legal defense with an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer.

If you are operating a commercial watercraft such as a charter fishing boat or a sightseeing boat, the legal BAC limit is only 0.04 percent, and for personal watercraft such as a jet ski or water skis, there is zero tolerance; users of personal watercraft may not measure any blood alcohol content whatsoever under the law (California Harbors and Navigation Code 655). If you are convicted of boating under the influence, the punishments will be similar to the punishments for a DUI conviction including fines, probation, alcohol education classes, and the real possibility of time in jail.

To defend you against a charge of boating under the influence, a good DUI defense attorney may use the same strategies used for DUI defense. Did law enforcement officers have a reasonable cause for stopping you? Were your rights violated in any way? If you were tested for BUI, was the test properly administered? Breathalyzer results can be disputed; witness testimony can be challenged. Your attorney will fight aggressively for justice and will bring your BUI case to its best possible resolution. Enjoy the California waters – even in the winter – but don’t put your future and your freedom at risk. If you are charged with boating under the influence in southern California, discuss your case with an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer immediately.

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