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California Penal Code 647(a)

Actress Dita de Leon has set up a campsite in the backyard of her home in the Hollywood Hills, and she rents a tent to visitors for $40 a night using the home-sharing website Airbnb.com. “I wanted to share the view, I wanted to share this amazing experience,” Ms. de Leon told KABC News. Residents of multi-million dollar homes in the neighborhood are outraged. Some claim to have seen guests openly engaging in sexual activity. One Los Angeles police officer who investigated the scene told KABC that Ms. de Leon has done nothing wrong and is not violating any laws.

If you are accused of lewd behavior in public in southern California, obtain legal help at once by contacting an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney. Lewd behavior happens when a person engages in sexual conduct in a public setting, especially for the purpose of sexual gratification or to annoy or offend another. Upon a conviction, lewd conduct is punishable in California by up to six months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000 under California Penal Code 647(a).

Ms. de Leon says that she plans to continue to allow “friends” and guests to enjoy her land and her view. Clearly, public lewdness isn’t a crime of violence, but it’s generally thought of as vulgar and shameful, so it’s a crime that you do not want to be accused or convicted of. An arrest for a sex crime, of course, is not the equivalent of a conviction, but it does mean that you’ll need to fight the charge with help from an experienced California defense lawyer.

When a criminal accusation involves a sex crime – whether it’s a violent rape or someone exposing himself or herself in public – a defense attorney’s experience can sometimes mean the difference between going to prison and being acquitted. If you are accused of public lewdness or any similar crime in southern California, don’t wait. Discuss your case immediately with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney.

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