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Orange County criminal defense lawyerCrime-fighting technology has come a long way, but crime continues. You probably remember the old cop shows on TV, when the technology for detecting crime patterns was a map on the wall and a box of push-pins. Those days are gone, but the crimes that detectives tracked are not. In Orange County, if you are charged with a drug crime or a sex crime, a robbery, theft, or DUI, retain the legal help you need immediately and contact an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer.

Today’s detectives rely on computer technology instead of maps and pins to record and analyze crime patterns, and Orange County is no exception to the trend. Residents in Fountain Valley are now able to benefit from this crime-fighting technology. Now, Fountain Valley residents can view live, real-time updates about police activity in their neighborhoods. In September, the Fountain Valley Police Department enhanced its website with a feature called “Community Dashboard,” which shares crime statistics and trends. Using Google Maps, the site will chart aggravated assaults, residential and commercial burglaries, vehicle burglaries, and car thefts in Fountain Valley. “Timely information helps residents to better protect themselves and their property,” Fountain Valley police Captain Mike Simko told the OC Register.

As crime-fighting technology advances, the rights of suspects in criminal cases can be endangered. Technology complicates the legality of surveillances, searches, and other police activities. If you are arrested in Orange County, let an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney review your case to determine if the police violated your rights in any way during an investigation, a search, an arrest, or an interrogation. When you’re arrested for any crime, you have the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present during questioning. Politely insist on your rights after any arrest and contact an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible.

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