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Orange County criminal defense lawyerFor almost twenty-five years, crime rates in the United States have been plummeting, but that trend now seems to be rapidly reversing. From 1990 through 2014, the number of violent crimes dropped by 32 percent across the U.S. as a whole; in the biggest cities, the crime rate fell by 64 percent. The U.S. wasn’t alone; crime has been falling in England since 1995 and in France since 2001. In 2015, however, crime is on the rise once again in a big way. Gun violence is increasing in almost every major U.S. city. Homicides are up in Baltimore, New York, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. The trend is the same in Los Angeles. By mid-May, violent crimes in L.A. were up by 25 percent over the January-to-mid-May period last year.

No one can identify with certainty the reasons behind what the media is now calling a “crime wave.” Some blame the harsh tactics employed by some police officers and police departments; others accuse politicians and the critics of the police. There’s an abundance of finger-pointing and hot air, but no real answers. What is certain is that while crime rates may go up and down, your constitutional rights remain the same. If you are charged with a robbery or a theft, a drug offense, or a sex crime in Orange County, obtain the legal help you need and contact an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer immediately.

As crime rises this summer – including crimes against police officers – the police may be quick to make arrests, and the rights of some suspects may be violated. If you are charged with a crime in Orange County, be polite, but exercise your constitutional rights. Insist on having a lawyer present during any questioning. Then call an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible.

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