Orange County Expungement Lawyer


Orange County expungement lawyerCriminal records have always been public information, but with the explosion of online information services in the last two decades, it’s easier now than ever to conduct a thorough background check on almost anyone. The advancing technology lets potential employers and others see your criminal record in just seconds. However, if you have a misdemeanor or a felony conviction in California, you may be able to have your criminal records expunged the help of an Orange County expungement lawyer Simon Budhwani, Esq. After a conviction, it’s difficult for many to find suitable employment, and you want to do everything you can to enhance your ability to find work. An expungement means being able to state that you have a clean criminal record.


If you’ve served time in a California state prison as part of your original sentence or due to a parole violation, you do not qualify for expungement. In most other cases you are entitled to expunge your criminal records under California Penal Code 1203.4 if you were convicted of a felony or misdemeanor charge and:

– successfully completed probation
– are not currently charged with another criminal offense
– are not on probation for another criminal offense
– are not serving a sentence for another criminal offense

Certain criminal offenses in California cannot be expunged including sex offenses committed against children. However, if you received a probation violation, you may still be eligible in some cases for expungement. The court can hold a hearing to determine if you are now a good candidate for expungement, and a good Orange County expungement lawyer can help. Items that a judge may consider are:

– your criminal record
– the nature of the original conviction
– your general performance on probation
– your opportunity to obtain a good job and your responsibility to support your family


Mr. Budhwani routinely help clients with both misdemeanor and felony expungements. If you need to have a felony or misdemeanor conviction expunged from your record, let us determine if you qualify, explain the procedure, and help you through it. In southern California, call, experienced Orange County expungement lawyer, Simon Budhwani, Esq. immediately at 714-249-2788 or email us today at: [email protected]