Orange County Grand Theft Auto Lawyer


In southern California, “Grand Theft Auto” isn’t a game. It’s one of two serious crimes you may be charged with if you steal a motor vehicle in this state. A suspected car thief can be charged with grand theft auto or with the lesser crime of joyriding. The difference is based on the amount of time you keep the vehicle. If you take it for a short spin and abandon it, you’ll probably be charged with joyriding. Grand theft auto is the charge if you keep a stolen car for an extended period or if a car is sold for parts or to a buyer. If you’re charged with either joyriding or with grand theft auto in southern California, get legal help immediately. Contact experienced lawyer Simon Budhwani, Esq. as quickly as possible.


Both grand theft auto and joyriding may be charged as misdemeanors or as felonies under California law. However, grand theft auto is almost always charged as a felony under California Penal Code 487(d)(1). If convicted, you’re looking potentially at 16 to 36 months in jail along with fines and probation. Joyriding, when it’s a first offense, is almost always charged as a misdemeanor under California Vehicle Code 10851; nevertheless, the possible penalties include a year in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

In many cases, a good Orange County grand theft auto lawyer may be able to help you get a vehicle theft charge reduced or dismissed. Several legal defenses can be offered:

– You did not intend to steal the vehicle.
– The car actually belonged to you or you believed it did.
– The person who owned the car allowed you to drive it.
– You were falsely accused.


Mr. Budhwani routinely represents defendants charged with joyriding and grand theft auto, and our Orange County grand theft auto lawyers are prepared to put our knowledge to work for you. If you face any vehicle theft charge in southern California, call experienced Orange County grand theft auto lawyer, Simon Budhwani, Esq., immediately at 714-249-2788 or email us today at: [email protected]