Orange County Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Orange County juvenile crime lawyerSimon Budhwani, Esq. know what’s at stake in juvenile proceedings. When your child is charged with a crime, our Orange County juvenile crime lawyers will work aggressively to have the charges reduced or dropped entirely; when that option isn’t available, we’ll develop the most effective defense possible. In southern California, call Simon Budhwani. Esq. immediately if your child is accused of any crime. Juvenile offenses carry consequences that can impact your child for a lifetime.


A number of sentencing options – called “dispositions” – are used in the California juvenile justice system. Those options include:

1. Informal probation: For a nonviolent first offense, a minor may qualify for informal probation. Some cases can be “diverted” to probation before a formal charge is filed. A probation officer will develop a plan for the minor that can last up to six months. The program includes education and counseling; upon successful completion, the charge can usually be dropped. If the minor fails to perform, a formal charge may be filed. If the case isn’t diverted, informal probation is possible at a judge’s discretion after the charge has been filed. Probation conditions generally include school attendance, counseling for both the minor and parents, curfews, drug testing, and restitution when appropriate. Another option, deferred entry of judgment (DEJ), requires an admission of guilt but results in a dismissal of charges upon successful completion of the DEJ program, which runs 12 to 36 months.

2. Formal probation: If a California juvenile court declares a minor to be a ward of the court, the court may sentence the minor to formal probation. Sometimes probation can be completed at home. In other cases, the court will assign the ward to “suitable placement” in a relative’s home or a group home. Minors needing more structure are sent to “probation camp” for up to 12 months. In California, these camps are dormitory-based settings with a structured daily schedule including education and treatment. Let an experienced Orange County juvenile crime lawyer Simon Budhwani, Esq. help today.

3. CYA: Apart from prison, the most severe penalty for a minor is commitment to the California Youth Authority. Juveniles convicted of violent crimes or sex crimes may be committed to the CYA; its jurisdiction can last until the minor is age 25.


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