Your Rights And The Law

Posted on: December 15, 2014 by in Criminal Defense
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man being arrestedEvery person in the United States has civil, legal, and constitutional rights, and one of the missions of the criminal justice system is to ensure that those rights are honored and protected. However, the way it works seldom resembles anything you might see on television. If you are arrested and charged with a crime, and the police do not inform you of your “Miranda” rights, it does not mean you can simply walk away with no consequences. However, if you face a DUI charge, a drug or sex crime charge, or a theft, fraud, or robbery charge in southern California, and you were not informed of your rights – or if those rights were violated by the police – get legal help promptly and speak at once with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney.

The U.S. Supreme Court established the principle of “Miranda rights” in the 1966 case Miranda v. Arizona. Since that time, the law requires police officers to explain your Miranda rights only after you have been formally arrested but before interrogating you. Your Miranda rights include: the right to remain silent and to know that anything you say can be used against you in a court of law; the right to have a lawyer present during any questioning; and the right to have an attorney appointed for you if you cannot afford one.

If the police interrogate you for any reason – whether they inform you or not – you always have the right to remain silent, and most defense attorneys will tell you to exercise that right. If you’re accused of any felony or misdemeanor drug, sex, theft, or DUI crime in southern California, now or in the future, speak at once with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney for the legal counsel and defense representation that you are very much going to need.