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Posted on: February 23, 2015 by in Criminal Defense
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California Penal Codes 417, 16590, 25400, 26100, 26500, and 30600

Orange County criminal defense attorneyStarting in January 2016, if you believe that a close relative is about to commit gun violence, you can ask a California judge to have the police seize that person’s firearms at least temporarily. The Gun Violence Restraining Order or “GVRO” was created by Assembly Bill 1014, which Governor Brown signed into law last year. In Orange County and across southern California, if you are charged with or being investigated for any firearms-related crime, get in touch immediately with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney.

California law specifies precisely what kinds of firearms are and are not legal and who may and may not own, carry, and use a firearm in this state. Several types of firearms including automatic weapons are illegal in California. An experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney can defend suspects charged with these crimes and other weapons charges:

– brandishing a firearm or weapon: California Penal Code 417
– carrying a concealed firearm: California Penal Code 25400
– committing a “drive-by” shooting: California Penal Code 26100
– possession of illegal firearms: California Penal Code 16590 and 30600
– illegal sale of a firearm: California Penal Code 26500

A GVRO will temporarily prohibit someone from owning, carrying, or using a firearm or firearms ammunition. Beginning next January 1, when a GVRO is issued against someone, a legal hearing must be scheduled and held within 21 days. The person requesting the restraining order will have to offer persuasive evidence that the subject of the GVRO should not be allowed to have firearms. If the court is persuaded, a one-year GVRO will be issued and possibly extended after additional hearings on a year-by-year basis. In Orange County, if you are accused or suspected of violating any California firearms law, don’t wait – arrange at once to speak with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney.