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Orange County defense attorneyCalifornia Penal Code 647(b)

In the last thirty years, there have been a tremendous number of changes in the law. Same-sex marriage and medical marijuana are legal, but the DUI laws are tougher. One thing that never seems to change, however, is “the oldest profession.” The laws forbidding prostitution and solicitation are still enforced and aggressively prosecuted in California. You may not engage in prostitution, offer to engage in prostitution, or hire or try to hire someone for prostitution in this state. “Madams” and “pimps” who organize or gain financially from prostitution may also be charged. In Orange County, if you are charged with prostitution or with solicitation, you’ll need immediate legal help. You’ll need to contact an experienced Orange County defense attorney at once.

Misunderstandings and mistakes can sometimes lead to prostitution charges. If you were being inappropriate or if you were misunderstood, it’s possible that you might be charged. It’s also possible that you’ve been falsely accused or misidentified. If you’re charged with prostitution or solicitation under California Penal Code 647(b), the state still must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before you can be convicted. No lawyer can ever promise or guarantee a result in any criminal case, but the truth is that prostitution and solicitation charges are sometimes reduced or entirely dismissed when a good attorney advocates on your behalf.

Solicitation and prostitution are misdemeanors in California, but if you’re convicted, you could still serve time in jail. The potential penalties for a conviction on a first offense can include up to six months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. Penalties are harsher with subsequent convictions. If you are charged with prostitution or solicitation in Orange County, you’ll need trustworthy legal representation fast. Don’t plead guilty. Fight the charge. The help you need is right here. Don’t try to act as your own lawyer, and don’t accept any agreement or plea bargain unless you’ve consulted first with an experienced Orange County defense attorney.

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