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Orange County criminal defense attorneyWe love our computers. We use them for banking, shopping, chatting with friends, and for doing our taxes and our homework. Most of us feel lucky to be living in the computer age. Of course, there’s also a downside to computers and the internet. That downside is internet-related crime and the people who are its victims. Lawmakers have responded with a number of relatively new laws governing the use of the internet, but many online crimes – for various reasons – go unreported for months or longer. If you are charged in Orange County for committing any kind of crime on the internet, retain legal help at once by contacting an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney.

Child pornography is the online crime that probably gets the most media attention, but computers are used by thieves, embezzlers, and every kind of scam artist as well. Internet vandalism – an intentional attack on a website and the business conducted there – is a growing crime. Because internet crimes are hidden and complicated, it’s often difficult for law enforcement authorities to compile evidence to make arrests and file charges. Some internet crime defendants have been intentionally framed. Others are either wrongly accused, or they simply made a mistake, went to the wrong website, or downloaded the wrong thing. Almost anyone could be accused because almost everyone has made a mistake online at some point. If you’re accused of any computer-related crime in Orange County or elsewhere in southern California, speak with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

Be cautious when you’re on the internet. Federal and California state laws treat crimes on the internet quite seriously, and if those crimes are linked to children, expect no mercy from the court if you’re found guilty. If you are charged with any internet crime, today or in the future, obtain high-quality legal advice and vigorous defense representation at once, and put your case in the hands of an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney.

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