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Orange County criminal defense lawyerIf you are arrested and charged with a crime in Orange County, your first court appearance is called the arraignment. At an arraignment, your rights and the potential sentence you face are read to you, you may enter a plea, and in most cases, the prosecution will offer you a plea bargain. It’s imperative that you’re accompanied to your arraignment by an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer. Do not plead guilty or accept any plea bargain unless your attorney recommends it. Plea bargains provide a swift resolution to cases in a criminal justice system that’s continually backed up and crowded. If your attorney believes that you will be found not guilty at trial, or if your attorney is confident that the charge against you will reduced or dismissed, you’ll be advised against taking the plea bargain.

It happens far too often. A person very much like yourself is arrested for a misdemeanor. You’re innocent, but you’re afraid of going to jail because you’ll lose your job. The prosecutor offers you a fine and community service in return for a guilty plea and reminds that that if you turn down the plea and force the case to go to trial, jail is likely if you’re convicted. You accept the plea bargain out of fear, without realizing that the state really had no conclusive evidence against you. A good defense lawyer could probably have negotiated to have the charge dropped, but now you’ll pay a fine and have a criminal conviction on your record.

Don’t let that happen. In southern California, if you’re charged with a drug or sex crime, a theft or fraud, DUI, domestic violence, or a white-collar crime, you really must retain the counsel of an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer. If you’re accused of a felony or a misdemeanor in Orange County now or in the future, make the call as quickly as possible.

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