Posted on: March 30, 2015 by in Criminal Defense
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Orange County criminal defense lawyerAround the globe, crime is plummeting. In the developed nations, the rate has been falling dramatically for about twenty years. In the United States, the decline began about 1990; since that year, the number of violent crimes has dropped by 32 percent. In the big cities, crime has dropped 64 percent. The aging of the “baby boomers” is one plausible explanation; most crimes are committed by older teens and twenty-somethings, but the U.S. population is now growing older. Others have offered explanations including legal abortion (fewer children born into crime-friendly environments) and the reduction in lead paint and lead-based gasoline (fewer cognitive problems caused by exposure to lead). Improved police work, advancing technology, heightened security, gentrification in the big cities, and scores of other reasons are put forth to explain the world-wide reduction in crime.

Another reason for the drop in crime: harsh penalties. If you are convicted of a crime of violence in California, the penalty will probably be severe. A violent crime is any crime where violence is used or threatened against a victim – with or without a weapon. In southern California, if you’re accused of assault and battery, domestic violence, or making criminal threats, obtain the skilled defense representation you’re going to need and call an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer.

Despite the statistics, the courts remain busy, and scores of suspects are still prosecuted for crimes every day. Sexual crimes happen more often. Bank fraud, money-wire scams, and identity theft are on the rise. If you’re arrested and charged with one of these crimes in Orange County – or with robbery, burglary, or DUI – contact a good defense attorney at once. Don’t try to represent yourself, and don’t wait to obtain legal help. If you’re accused of committing one of these crimes in southern California, speak promptly to an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer.