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California DUI lawyerIn Orange County, if you are charged with driving under the influence – even if you are “guilty as sin” – you’ll still need to have an experienced Orange County-based California DUI lawyer advocating on your behalf. Your rights need to be protected, and a good DUI attorney can argue for reduced charges and a reduced sentence. Of course, if you believe that you’re innocent of the charge, you also need to contact a good Orange County DUI attorney as quickly as possible. You should choose an experienced DUI lawyer who routinely represents clients in Orange County DUI cases. It’s also important to choose an attorney that you personally like and trust, since your freedom and future will – to a great extent – be in that attorney’s hands. Don’t be tempted to depression after your arrest, decide all is lost, and plead guilty. Don’t try to act as your own attorney. Why?

  • Maybe you weren’t actually intoxicated when you were pulled over and arrested.
  • If you took a breathalyzer exam, maybe the breathalyzer wasn’t calibrated properly.
  • Maybe you suffer from a medical condition that skewed the breathalyzer result.
  • Maybe the police did not have a legal reason – reasonable cause – to stop you.

And those are only a few of the possibilities. You should understand that if you plead guilty to a DUI charge in Orange County, you’ll pay court costs, substantial fines, your license will be suspended for six months, and you’ll pay higher auto insurance premiums too. While convictions are frequent in California DUI cases, so are reduced charges and acquittals. In the long run, an experienced, Orange County-based California DUI lawyer can save you money, time, and a great deal of aggravation. If you are charged now or in the future with DUI in Orange County under California Vehicle Codes 23152(a) and 23152(b), make the call without delay.

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